Capricorn 13° A fire worshipper ~ MAGIC — Sabian Symbologist ~ Saijin

“Ever a work in progress.” Capricorn 13° A fire worshiper ~ MAGIC Can’t stop me now! When you hear your own fire burning the decree, “Lead, follow or get out of the way!” Know that your divinity has spoken. You are welcome to go ‘round the block as many times as you please. But doing […]

Capricorn 13° A fire worshiper ~ MAGIC — Sabian Symbologist ~ Saijin

My Venus & Neptune placement to the degree.

Last Moments

My stomach dropped
            when the butterfly I supposed dead
                         disappeared &
                                    right where I left it

     it wandered soft over bare knuckles
        flapping orange and black wings
       & stilled on my little finger
                            just long enough
                                       for a picture

Did I capture your last moments,
        before you were swallowed back
                                    into the ether?

                        I did discover your tiny body, later—
                        [Truly forboding, that feeling]
                  in the same exact position
                          Your beauty had dimmed
                                  & I knew/ then
                                         you, whoever
           lurked behind that
 thin black tongue
searching for nectar
               were gone.