woe be the victim

The stains she left
                were not in your bed
       it was the spear she left in your head
               turning you against
                         [so cruelly against]
                                   《your own blood》

            She is manipulating you,
                       Dear brother,
                            milking your sympathy
                                         [alligator tears]

There is no depth | there is no surface
            Don’t throw your life preserver
                             don’t chastise me for
                                       your own blindness

       I do not belong to her as you do
             I’ve rid myself of Medusa’s spell
           & I have never been stone
                              that’s her specialty
               inside her reptilian mind
                       Death rolls & throes
                          twisting eternally
                            make love to the image
                    she projects

              fucking Oedipus complex

You’re her casualty