imposter syndrome.

you’ve made fools of us both,
         & now we stare upon each other
               in perfect symmetry
       ‘the same,’ but disturbed
                  to the point we’re inhuman

            I cannot help but blame you



Actively seeking to remain unseen
     like a creeping rootstalk
         outstretched in both directions
         I’d rather be in arms/
                 than your arms

       where do I fall currently/
                  somewhere between
        peppermint and precious owl orchids
                        shivering in the air
                    unable to shake the fantasy
                               @ four-twenty


(no title)

there hasn’t been such a thing
   as silence as of late
   &  there is no such thing
       as peace/in my head/

  [I wish I was]
       not here, anyhow

             I can barely describe
        save moment to moment
                  how I feel
             all I can say for now
        it’s suffocating enough



When I suddenly laugh,
                    do not be alarmed.
   I’m practically screaming &
for certain,
       I cannot breathe.

the Chernobyl aesthetic

These walls are taller & stronger
     than my buried resentment
        would have you believe

          & unfortunately
             it’s too late

       I’m waiting to hear a siren/
      as bold, as color laden
                as armies

                   wherefore now
         you ask?

                 I’m starting to see
                             over the top of the tower
           & I’m telling you there’s a glowing beast
                          flinging human guts

                                   to the birds


sugar haze

I’ll trade you one of Wilde’s phantom tulips
       for an absinthe spoon
           the opalescence is all mine

                 Vive la folie


Rapture isn’t the half of it

Your name alone is a
    tantric mantra
        sandstorming its way
      through a chaotic landscape
    & I couldn’t change my reaction
         if I tried

All I envision whenever the bass drops

is the slice/of/time it takes
   developing your snapshot


counting minute blessings

I think sometimes
     the relationship would
       become it’s own entity
         our child before it was born
           stressing over what to call it

     I’ll leave it to you
        because I don’t trust
           other peoples opinions/


a girl lights a joint in the drizzle

Mixing strengths like prescriptions
              holding my tongue
                  between the cat
                       the smoke & the trade
                           of information

The truth is not difficult if it’s the only way you d[c]are to speak.