Thief in our Midst

The audit is null
                                     & void
                                I have nothing
                          yet nothing is up for grabs
             Except in verbatim
                     Word for word
                    Exchange and
                        replace them

I now realize
       I am always looking over
                     my shoulder for a reason

             What do I have that
                 makes me so…   [insert that]
                              I despise thieves
                       though I’ll romance them
     drink back to back &
     wake without a dollar
                  to my name
             hunting for none to replace

     Liquored up |||||| they slipped: a heart
    was the greatest thing they’d ever stole


Frost Moon

sometime there is a quiet
                   I can do less than define
             I find my sight distorted___
                          and I hate grief
                 so I veil it well|
                   though it has lost importance

     when you led me to a black
                room with tiny skylights&
                   the zodiac writ on the floor
                          [carved like a second skin]
                  I eyed your sign and I loved you

            there were so many paintings
                                    so many lurid frames
             your image was immortal
                                        as Dorian Gray
                      perhaps cursed
                                         just the same

Authors Note:

Time Bomb

The cavernous abyss
I try not to pillage
only because
once touched [it’s broken]
[you could say] explosive
&I’m warned against the debris

But where, exactly then
Am I supposed to store all this emotion

In a bottle bobbing in an ocean?
Within the scars of time?

You couldn’t help if you tried
& that’s why I don’t reach out
Everything is not so simple now

(Whenever it “was”, I can only doubt)



It’s always helplessness
driving me back into your open hands
& the dark truth is I
only seem to pray when I’m desperate
& I think God knows it
doesn’t judge me but keeps it instead like
an open

Anxiety is the phantom that follows
The hound from hell I mind in vain
but refuse to love
Everyday it bares its fangs at me!
Stealing more of my sanity!
I’m not crazy___

Under my breath I plead
Seething [Weeping]

Tunnel Vision

An empty glass sits stagnant
on the sill, memory fading
with each new rise

I don’t expect a return
on my investment
(It’s all based on risk)

(What is that?) I hear a clamor &
the Earth keening
shatters all my windows
like hammers

Let the night pour in
Join in/ from the inside

A tealight finds an appropriate fit
Wax melts into my palms
Blood red
and wet.


[Authors Note: I do not recommend watching the movie Midsommar at 2 AM.)