prostitute named Faith in South Central

You took a leap of faith showing
               your face here,
                            gotta say I like it
     keep coming back.

     I’d tip you personally for your patronage
   because poetry is wet
               attention is golden
         & my words smell of death
     somewhere the carcasses of old
        bloom with stiff petals|
    collapse to dust

   You know this shit keeps me lifted?
         I read what I like and who
              I like are the ones ridged with
       passion, unafraid to get
                           their ass kicked

                I hope it’s not one sided
       I’ve had enough of unrequited love
                  for thirty one seasons



I am a far cry
         from the girl
   next                       door.
  A satin riot slipped in a human socket & all my turbulence comes with hurricane force winds, indulge me at your leisure/be prepared to greet the neverafter.
       I leave a glow behind like the green fairy, radioluminescence holding hands with thujone. A walking emergency exit sign lit all the time & I don’t mind because I prefer stars over streetlights. It reminds me of home.
       I am the succubus you summoned in your passenger seat. The lowlit mischievous eyes glimpsing the rearview, eying you as you drive. I can’t wipe the smirk off. It’s one of many birthmarks. I’ll direct you on my pallid map to

the rest of

                         what’s left.


chocolate chip waffles @ 0430

I am listening to Skeleton at 4 am
    cracked a can of Rockstar at 3
       when I woke
                 suddenly, like clockwork,

              always a tragedy
   & as the water starts to boil
        I hold onto my seat
               with my voyeuristic tendency
      and nightlight insecurity

                 shedding my exoskeleton

                       updating the procession
          with a new variant
                         [ & since they started
                  construction on this road/
                    this will never end
                            stop the press ]

      I wish I had these
                 thoughts to share
              with you, honey
         I know I wouldn’t feel so alone


the function of awe

Someone compared me once
      to Gretchen Ross,
          when I was in school
          & I twirled away the hour

         chasing skeleton jumpsuits
     & gray hoodies
           knowing someday
    someone would see Frank, too


a girl plants roses on Mount Vesuvius

My heart jumps loudly ahead beat by beat for a millisecond and it scares the fuck out of me, steals my breath and makes me question in that second if a second is all I’ve got left, & if it was, the first thing that springs to mind I’d never want to leave behind is you, nothing more astride the void the forever open door the bridge the hidden forge the lonely glow behind the Veil than you

& where your emptiness is, my love awaits to erupt like so much color/the birth of a nebula

there are black holes that go rogue & eyeballs in space with less thrust ahead/

momentum ad infinitum


epic failure

observing the hope of silence
    an ancient relic I read about once
   disturbing as human testing alien tech

         My best being just shy
                  of good enough
     it seems, wars spill over

             & I know it can’t get
         much colder in here
             would I had you/


my true hero is mononymous

You know,

if Yellowstone blew up
     tomorrow we’d be the next Pompeii
    it’s already rumbling underneath
       though it’s silent

   & our catastrophic angels
                  are consistently calculating
       loss prevention

            volcanic ash’d blacken the sky
      the most beautifully eerie sight
              as we turn to stone
         arduous in black and white

                true to life


nothing new under the sun

I’m positive you’ve heard this
  in a thousand languages
         ancient and living & in
    those I’m deficient

      I can only scream but one

            I am driving a road in circles currently I think there’s something wrong with my car unfortunately I missed the turn for your exit

              & now I’m breathing out in the basement searching for keys to a lock I can’t break on my own I’m screaming for help

                 This is not a drill it’s a promise where would I be without your honor?

                   in the victory position like Local 58, do you remember when I said ARG?

      I do. Don’t look at the moon.


Life™ on nightmare mode

soul-dressed in fleshy threads
    freckled through with fear
     of the unknown

& waltz beyond revelation
 a descent through the point
        of no return ===》 into a dimension

where life is but a game
                   to be won

        I feel it, too

the omphalos

in a banquet hall I overhear soldiers
    talk of near death experiences
      & phantom kings on their doorstep

                      masked by wings

@ 3AM I’m literally hoping/
          & I’d be unsurprised if
   [beneath the crown]

             it was you
                      the whole time