deer in headlights

she bares her flesh to me
             glowing sungold under the moon
    [So]  I can’t quite call her
                   a marble statue
  some such sight I’m sure you’d glimpse
                              in the Louvre
             & fall quite passionately
                yearning to touch, to fold
                           fingers against her spine
                     in real time

                  But then
                       unwittingly I freeze…
                 rebel against my every thought
                    my tongue netted with desire
                                  & saliva & I think
                        I have just met
                                    a goddess of lust
                       because I am struck
                          Struck silent
                          when she comes to life
             places her hand on my chest and
      purrs so lovingly
    I just wanna feel your heartbeat



A carnival-colored revolution
        of guerillas in action
        the festival of blood, poison
                             & gunfire

            undercover allies simper
                                            for pesos
                          amidst a mutual hatred
                                 & passion’s heartbeat
                 an island tightly wound/
                        the feisty femme fatale
                                    whispering in my ear
                                   of how badly Anton
                          has captured
                               [corrupted]               her

Speak Softly Now

A masquerade when I come to you,
   crafting a magnificent pedestal
         that I know you’ll never truly accept
             I am the worst for ruffling buttercream
              [Especially those with the highest                                    risk but] I cannot
                                    deny nor falsify
                          the urges

      &  I think these “costumes” are not for
                      fleecing a victim raw —-
                      as they are a silken fan
          for which I may bat my eyes behind

       I am just as afraid as you.
       I am just as
       As You.


In the Night

Rubbing the thick overnight’s kohl
from over
                & under
my bloodshot eyes
Don’t even ask me why…

for       the      Advil
I need time to think
                                 [space to br e at he]

Trying to recall the event:
                 [Good luck]

Corset loops and straps so many

Un                 —                 hooked.

                  Let’s take this to bed

Let’s take this to the head^
You preferred your scotch &
the room billowed up with smoke

Within those plumes a familiar face
One I entreat to stay
Just a little longer
Just keep your eyes on me



The Recipe

My forearms still ache from the way
I held them
In place,
Counterclockwise from alcohol


You said, I want you like this:
On the bed when I come in,
(I’ll be a few minutes,
to wash the dishes)

Down the hall_____
In the dark, where no one but
the nightlight could see
&as the short minutes passed I felt
A blooming excitement

then finally the pads of your feet,
the sigh (or was it, groan)
when you finally entered the mix

Sometimes, following the directions
are more enjoyable than you thought

Shall I Be “Her”?

The lilt of an ethereal tune
Soothes heavy eyelids
and standby limbs
I would be your inspiration

Your flesh intoxicates me
though the scent I can merely guess
& under your breath
I hear you speak (my name)

Like a dream

I am a spray of pink sugar
the kind that may go do/wn/


The seduction of subtlety
Worth the barking (mad?) frenzy
Behind door number one

(Authors Note: x)

Tales of Fervency

Forget how I make you feel
Go ahead; I will not.
Rather, I will be studious,
Tick-tockingly arduous &

Upon your arrival

No matter your weatherproofing
Hurricane women may seem as if
They come and pass but
Never last and that’s (I promise
you that you’re) incorrect


[Photograph by artist Yuri Klapouh]