tuck and roll

here’s why two and two
  don’t make four per usual
     the compound:
           they may be twenty two
             they may be two × two
              they may be matrices
                                which in all three cases
                                     stand individually

now this is more thinking out|
      loud               》                  side
                at 3 o’clock because
                   I can’t sleep &
                       I’m sorry
                         I just

after you
                      too much


authors note: see you when it’s appropriate to say good morning

the sublime drifter

I think anytime:AM is right on time
   for a little havoc on the white star
   [they made silencers
                       for a reason]
     but I’m unburdening into assassination
                 coincidence doesn’t measure
     the crimes I took to be belittling &
        cruel, for example
        the Titanic was monstrous, it
   sheltered 2,200 passengers
                and you know what time it sank?

2:20 AM
         just add a zero
         clearly, someone did—

       [      conspiracy of failure.          ]


Authors Note: it’s just-us for me
                             [ justice ] – I Prevail

on a postcard; on a stair

braiding my hair between my fingers
    as I wither without a sound
    monitor the screensaver

it’ll compete with nature
    sipping mens’ souls
                like ginger ale/

       your place is the
         heart of my
              oral fixation
          I don’t think it gets much better
       than this, do you ¿

        I think we’re a step closer
     I think I’m a bad singer
        I think you’re not alone
             if you don’t want to be



lead balloon

possession is 9/10ths of the law
       so humanity has written

   televangelists flaunting god
            for pro/fit/

             really gets to me
                         vapid &
                    their cult
             personality can be

      I think you’ve already read this part
     impossible to possess the intangible
             you can only admire the sheen

            I’m holding a lead balloon
    knowing it’s gold
                knowing it’s never going to float
        this song on repeat
                    I can’t stop singing

                   hold this for me

liplocked prophet

a maze of contradictions
      perhaps more than average
      perhaps just what the doctor ordered
           or so it was recorded
   in the beginning there was only a single
                       & no one dared
   [think] it was the flicker
               of a BIC lighter
      they waxed the myth
                  of what there is
              with what isn’t/no matter
         how absurd| they took the Word
       for how it was written
          you can almost hear  the system
                                                   [as it is now]
                   》 closing in《

           polishing the lacquer you become
           unwillingly enamored as if you’d
               just paid a manicurist to fix
            infinitesimal chips in your paint
                     maybe it’s done &
                         sealed like a

or maybe you’re not sure anymore
                  & that’s where I come in



I caught you before the break of dawn
clinging to the concrete
in torrents of Aegean blue

I _
whispered desperate oaths
through frosted lips [but]
missed my mark to
an unhinged entrance

Pills to quiet the mood
Upright to glimpse the view

Lit voodoo candle wicks
bordering the river Styx
& the icy blue sheen on your skin

Mine is hot & flushed and alive
I’m waiting for you all the time
To admit where I stand
To say we are a pixel dream

Technicolor incubus screaming