school of hard knocks & street smarts

Love can soothe the most terrible beast
   in me or miles away,
     it is the God of a thousand names

             listening still as frozen water
      not called upon—

               blurred in my back pocket
       with your likeness

     what can I say other than this
           your wayward companion
     years in a desperate making
             in competition with your excellence

       I fear to show



my blood, I can’t stand your pain
   the devastation is category five
       & every wall is broken

         take good care of my bleeding heart
          water it incessantly
                  it is the only thing of value

                             I have to give


seat belt warning light

expiscate me
     & discover a lovely dark vault
   where you make home
                 home for me

            I would buy everything @ your yard sale
                zip by and shut down
           your nuclear site
    then invade your planet
         love seems a lacking

                     obsessed is more

                            to life


nothing but pink sugar and a smile

nowadays people have the attention span of hamsters & my work might not be what they want but just might be what they need I try to douse you in info gasoline & when I light it the flames are marvelous don’t you think
                 sometimes I don’t even have a point sometimes we’ve learned something together I just want company someone keep me company
                 the dolly you see you might want to protect until you take her out of the box & then she’s tarnished as soon as
                 & then she’s a ragdoll
               who fucked up and gave Raggedy Ann a soul


a hazy dream glinting as it evaporates

I wish like hell sometimes I was on drugs
   I wish like hell sometimes they weren’t
          so go ahead and call me high,
       like PawPaw said but I’m waving @ you

I know I’m a handful

       and you’ll need a handful
      but it’s all good, I can carry your weight
        in fact I much prefer it these days
           & that goes without saying
      how familiar this horizon appears,

              like an archway in a painting
        of the house of your dreams,
                the one I’d be blissful to give,
        Nearly, my God;


you spin me __ __ __ __ __

I’ve been protected like a nuclear weapon
     because the mess I can create
                     is no different
when it
d           r               o                 p                 s

I cannot contain the smile on my face
             because I’m relying on your fixation
          these treasures I’ve unearthed
                           are legendary, you’re legendary

                & our gift/ it’s all divine timing
         it’s never been about my ego
      I’m still trying to understand this myself
             but I need your help
     I think together
                    we can alter the rotation


another word for naive

Shall I
   shall I
      shall I
   be afraid
        of you

      what pause do I take now

           on these abandoned tracks
      carved in my arms with glass
             this silver rediscovered
      against my navel
              what fear_______________

                          as my brain codes
            I famously
                           flirt aimlessly
               with cardinal sin

      what fear and astonishment I take
                                here & now


in defense of the multiplex

there’s a system update on the horizon
   where the only thing I’m ever waiting for
      is the chime of angels
  to remind me you’re there

          what we have could be visible
                              from space
              & the discovery is so profound
          I don’t care if I can’t breathe up here

                    we’ll transcend the laws
                                   of nature


austere royalty in B&W

I feel I am either
    not reality testing
          [the world is re-rendering
         improperly, often

                & the words on double take
         never              read the same

     you were an intrigue
                    of my dream state
         something summoned
     something unlocked

                  & I loved your silhouette for years
     without a guess
                         You actually existed  


obsession is a colorless thing.

Unpacking instruments
    of the soul is trepidatious
       @ best. But_______
                         peace comes naturally
                                   where you are.

I’m a pair of stockings with runs|

nearly calf to knee|
    a stream of pale skin in a Stygian alcove
       running braindamaGed&delicate

     I like to imagine
       we star A-list in each other’s movies &
     our lovers’ arc is rediscovering seconds, minutes, details,  
         within a colorless bloom of solicitude. 



          [Time exists only before and after you & the prologue is oh-so-long.]