this is Rome

Where are all the gods
  where are the liberators
      staring up & it’s staring back
        emotionless fucking fervor
  like the sky is pacified
       I need your arms
       I won’t lie [but]
       |tongue tied you are

     my favorite masochist
     we’re a faint dynamic
     of equal bodies & equal hearts
     rivalling experience like a video game
     counting trophies

    a hundred thousand
 |   paralleled. |

     I would ask where were you
     but I know I did that already
     I know I did that
     Constantly and
     I’m not keeping track or looking
     back behind me tallying bodies yet
     old songs recite in my head
     recite| sing
     sing well


alone; Friday

see the stars & how they shine
                  for you/or will you?
          a fractal state of mind
      is mine when I lay eyes
                                             to meet you
     the spectators rush the guards
      you can see it between the bars 
              & so can all the 》 quantum

          when the guest of honor rewards
                     me a little convalescence
                     there is only one judge
                    in the trial of character vs. You

       there’s diamonds
          in your sharpshooter eyes
      &   [ they drill right through ]
              record every second
                 to capture every essence
                        we may completely omit
                              your bird of prey
                               amongst those tame
                                I think it’s riveting



Everyone in existence
     has little secrets
     The only thing they ask
       is for you to keep them

A dark cloud puffs out and up
      into the surrounding sky and I
     collapse my palm
     blow it to the side
         & bat a reaffirming eye

      it’s safe with me/

        and  so are you,
             if / should you stay



past reveries bloom outward
      like a blood droplet
            on a cotton thread
      projections I can no longer fully enter
    nor raise the rosy stain
           from my third eye’s retina

it’s too much like the soap operas
      I’d watch every afternoon
       by the old woman upstairs
          her hands glistened with veins
            it was extraordinary

    smoke spun ballerina clean
         through to the next several weeks
     & I cannot tell you for how long after
           she was gone, I took her place
      in the rickety empty nest
                       in the brocade chair


   Authors Note: I loved her like the strawberry wrapped/ strawberry flavored candies she shared with me. If only I could remember her name.

proceed with caution

I gave you the slip
   beneath my dress
      and by this act
            scrambled your mind

  I’ve wrestled the salt
                 from my hair
      and now questions/
       of  loyalties lie

          for now
          for always
       the clock strikes two am
     and there’s no one around
  but you and your voice in my head
       this could be momentous
           I will say I’m honor-bound

         and hyper focused
         I cannot sleep
  our bed is not the only question
         that’s loaded

        it’s never been


all things…

the stone is calling us both
       & the flight was a great success
         sitting up front with a window seat
             an empty row
                          |close| …
                   almost celebrity

          I spoke to you the entire time
               gentle chatter inside my mind
                   I felt   the weight      lift
                         under orange sorbet clouds

            but I know as the curtain is drawn
                       this show’s just begun


authors note: photo from my morning flight


I want you to be free
          you can’t guess how badly
            I want it like peace of mind
              along the same lines
                    as tranquility

I want my love to reach your core
              and radiate warmth
                    like a brand new sun
                          in orbit

      &  I want you to feel like you belong
                 because you do belong
                              and every effort is
                         never in vain every point
                           of reflection is just
                               a new reason to love

       We are not meant to be perfect
            the same as we are meant to be


Strange Weather

There are seconds between
            breadth and breaths
                     skin and sensation
              heart_beat &

              However you made the| cut
                      I insist you not give| up

Keep your trigger finger active as the tide
                   in strange weather,
                         we are never more alive
                            than in midst of each
                     other & the romantics weep
                        over stories kept unknown
                                    to them
                                  like these×××




When the moon is ripe
    I wonder what it may be like
           to kiss you|suddenly|softly.
       The moment is slow___
             yet contests my racing heart
                     & I know therein lies fantasy

   I wonder at my own desires,
          bespelled by ancient oaths
                   We’re bound so
          [I know you’ll keep them]

                   There are melted passions
                       strewn across my tongue
                         wet and pliable  [for you]
              If I wanted to play God I could not
                     though my wish would be not
                              for power but time travel
                                           & distance span

                 Madness simultaneously
                                    consumes &
                                   reveals all
                         lit like luminol
                  Let’s batter down these walls
                                   &   if we couldn’t
                let’s make love before × them