reap the harvest

Well met, lovely gardener,
        languishing with the Sun
   every morning:
I wait while you’re awash
    fierce dripping flesh
              in your rainshower

I am your honeysuckle reward
  no one cared properly for or since
      & when I rebel I break through
   concrete in sacrilegious color

              know despite my visceral thorns
                           in conscious relief
                          I seek your vengeance,
           for all your faithful labors gone remiss

under your warm meticulous nature
                 I will become ideal


prostitute named Faith in South Central

You took a leap of faith showing
               your face here,
                            gotta say I like it
     keep coming back.

     I’d tip you personally for your patronage
   because poetry is wet
               attention is golden
         & my words smell of death
     somewhere the carcasses of old
        bloom with stiff petals|
    collapse to dust

   You know this shit keeps me lifted?
         I read what I like and who
              I like are the ones ridged with
       passion, unafraid to get
                           their ass kicked

                I hope it’s not one sided
       I’ve had enough of unrequited love
                  for thirty one seasons


a girl plants roses on Mount Vesuvius

My heart jumps loudly ahead beat by beat for a millisecond and it scares the fuck out of me, steals my breath and makes me question in that second if a second is all I’ve got left, & if it was, the first thing that springs to mind I’d never want to leave behind is you, nothing more astride the void the forever open door the bridge the hidden forge the lonely glow behind the Veil than you

& where your emptiness is, my love awaits to erupt like so much color/the birth of a nebula

there are black holes that go rogue & eyeballs in space with less thrust ahead/

momentum ad infinitum



Scientists are satisfied
   there’s INvisible barriers
     into space
    just not strong enough
      to keep love from love

    It makes me laugh
       for spite


missing woman’s haunting songs

Why does everyone I love
    yearn to become
      someone else?

         Forfeit the walk-away
          lay your head
                              on my thighs,
                  close your eyes
           & sleep,
                    anyway/if it’ll help

             The dream you have of yourself
        where you conquer this world,
               was never fictitious, nor over
           across the abyss of dark matter
                        tuning your light

              to human chords



pain has a desperate chime
   like sordid breathless rhyme
      or tedious monotonous time
     sucking breath like
           a forested Chinese sinkhole

      Is it because I’m sedentary
       barely anybody respects me
         who says they’re worthy, loose leaf?
           burying a sure – fire cancer

          & maybe being flattered is
         a relief on the pressure
             in my mental crumbling temple
       gold and jewels there wrought

                 know, if I was you in your place
          right now, I’d fucking crumple, too


counting bodies like sheep

Where is my mind?
  way out in your cerebral waters
    & I love to deep dive

Even knowing I’d drown its
                knowing what is left
                   is innumerable

    & I love you
       I’ve meant it every time I’ve said it


personality construct

The cello pulls me in
    to the way your Silverhand strings
                                    his       guitar
                      & maybe the painting
            of us is just a story arc

   but the truth is the song
                            where lyrics are born
                     in blood, sweat and palpitation
            your heart is the instrument

                          to which I pledge allegiance


as if language wasn’t invented by someone

I’m on my toes wondering what you’ll come up with next needlessly praying up and down your ingeniousness doesn’t ever end. I know I’ll get my wish. Your aesthetic is bellicose yet vellichor, where ancients barter; this confuses everyone on a cellular level. Everyone except me.

Between us one kiss could last a series of lifetimes we’ve already lived. Let me put down the genie’s bottle; we don’t need him.

These dusky nights come with the rain attached & daytime wouldn’t need a sun if you were dispatched. By and for you my world is aglow. The best and brightest thing about this bond is I don’t need a response to know.