a lie has no legs like the economy

You never know who comes from poverty,
  but dresses nicely,
     & lives the social experiment
                  of being rich
           for our entertainment

        authority is a costume
              save when there’s accessories
      you won’t hit harder
             than a gavel

                         what is the difference
              between socialite
                       & peasant
                                  trick question




long story short

I already feel too close to be
   so goddamn far
            I hope this isn’t the end
      of second by second
   I hope you’re paying attention
        because this is how it happens

      You are a weapon & I have you
                           you’re smoking

                   this is how you orbit
                       I swear I’m your

                   following you around the sun


can you come outside and play?

There is such a stall in the moments befor3 I hit post I’d swear it’s not a part of realityTM it feels too deja vu
    people tend to like when I can go on and on and on like their favorite song until the CD skips and they have to investigate
         & my intention isn’t to take advantage
of your hospitality I’m just a free spirit in a global prison system don’t be mad @ me for pointing out my inmate number
             You’d think it’d be my birth date but really it’s confidential I bet you know yours I bet its tattooed on your brain
           I can’t help if you’re a walking psychology report
        [ ssn: XXX-XXX-XXXX
               your mind filled in the blanks ]
        For me every X is either a void
                             or they left
       I don’t like making this too personal but I have nowhere to put the pain
           maybe the fact is
              I want you to see

                 call me the exhibitionist
                              then call me a doctor


a clichéd trope

Hope I didn’t keep you waiting I was making myself more comfortable God knows I can’t get enough time alone how pseudodox my childhood was a one little girl lockbox I swear Ragnarok is my favorite season
        [ it makes my intense fear make sense
               I disassociate to survive
                   is that past tense
                      or future wise ]

   There are many dead horses in my stable
        I led them to copious rivers &
          found I forced them to drink
since                      I didn’t want to fail & now I stalk NPCs around open world games just to make pretend friends no different than the ones I made when I was young but I still can’t give adequate chase when they run


don’t interfere it’s unbecoming

I’m feeling strange like Prometheus
    ample winged like the eagle
        so fucking precise
            it’s not wise to tame it

      what if I never gave you fire
   then would we be sitting in the dark
         grumbling over raw food
              & rotten fruit

                         I think it’s more relaxing
             to see the truth since
              it’s almost like we’re living a dream
                       we haven’t dreamt yet



my blood, I can’t stand your pain
   the devastation is category five
       & every wall is broken

         take good care of my bleeding heart
          water it incessantly
                  it is the only thing of value

                             I have to give


be skeptic of the skeptic it’s hilarious

I have to think
    the minute the Pope opens
        his mouth does he really
           believe the words that form

                 about succoring the poor
        & populism sirens & mitigating
              icons & idols &

                God I could go on forever
       it’s why I’m back here
                 I’m aware so you’re family,
                      I swear you should be too

                             [I guess I’m 99% certain]

& I didn’t know Nikolai Mushegian but
    now that his silence is permanent
       I have to wonder what else
           was on his mind

               poor visionary,
       what psychic walls there weren’t
           to guard you

                   I know you were telling the truth




seat belt warning light

expiscate me
     & discover a lovely dark vault
   where you make home
                 home for me

            I would buy everything @ your yard sale
                zip by and shut down
           your nuclear site
    then invade your planet
         love seems a lacking

                     obsessed is more

                            to life


the best part is coming up

you’ve gotta know the news is
     such a form of entertainment now
     I’ve gotta use it so when I mention
           the new Barbie dolls are sickening

I’m not kidding look it up

I’m dead stopped @ juxtaposition
   if you get my drift
            there isn’t a line left uncrossed
      any space is worthy
             of occult tradition

[ even children are made to participate

in ritual exhibition

           remember the 2012 Olympics? ]

           you have to imagine the cult life ©
              as unimaginably boring
       always the same thing
               single eyes blinking
     whether it’s Mattel Katy Perry
                or fashion Vogue

I love how Kanye outted his celebrity trainer
           I love how in your face it’s become
                    & for conspiracy theorists
        it’s been a hazardous jaunt
                 round of applause


a girl has intrusive thoughts

I never get a full night’s sleep it’s a little concerning but I’m learning to accept it after all nothing has changed since I was small & expectant or empty handed & petulant I’m telling you, nothing has really changed except my health & my hair is a little gray I can’t die down the silver in the stretch even if the weight has gone the body recalls therefore my trauma has no expiry just flash on flash on flashbacks

          I am forever waiting for the other shoe
              like waiting on the reaction of a disappointed parent
                      the disappointment I faced
          was vehement
                   apparent since

        maybe I came into this world a villain
   now I’m just fulfilling my role
         I hope you’re all caught up now
          I know you’re blind to the light