Breathe Deep

I always like to send a message
            by trial and error
               by fire and shatter
                  gunshot silenced
                                 & brain pierced

I don’t give a fuck what you think
                                                  [of me]
             but I do give a fuck what you think

                         Do you remember when I
                                 told you to hold the line
                            Do you remember how I
                                 said to hold fast?

There may have never been time for that
                  & certainty shows
                              in simplicity
                   [s]words like death
                          life, love, pain, poor,
                                 rich, hate, decay
                                      Freedom carries
                                            responsibility we
                                  instinctively know/ but
                                      if we’re not used to it
                              did we ever really own it?

               Maybe this is why we are all here
                                        to wave the past on

                           We’re making more sense
                                          every day of

        T h e           L o   n   g           C  o  n


Act II

I do not deserve;
I am not worth;
I do not belong,
With you.

Ironically, the comedy
Is that none of this
Is your fault…

I walk a tightrope
Leaning side to side
I know exactly where these
Silver hairs spawn.