Fever Dream

A woman sits across from me
dealing cash for tarot dreams
her shawl laced with owl wings &
bronze ankles swaying/dangling
flickering gold & crystalline beads

by candlelight she’s peering up underneath
two black satin fans of lashes
Then she centers her gaze on You
You’re here too?
The magic woman gnashes her teeth
She says: don’t you know
what’s always next?

High Priestess, I guess but you don’t
believe in these things I know it—-
Death, dealing the skull with a smile to show it
Funny way to say Change you spit
Laying the Devil card flat with a hit


3:50 AM

Evergreens: the spice of breathing
swaying in melodious harmony
blue skies as wide and cloudless as
lazuli [meanwhile]

The wild blows back in…
reminding us all
(Nature was never a backdrop)
Yet we act surprised

Maybe the planet needs a moment
to purge (or I need a millennium)
Maybe the wonders of technology
Are secondary (never first)
Maybe it just means you’re lonely

Broke the curtain/looking for contact
Gazing up
and the funny part is
(The answer’s there)



I used to believe
you were too selfish
to let me depart
so you said, in our final act

I liked that about you
Your steely blue eyes
And your fire retardant armor
Was there ever an argument
I could win?

Perhaps I just miss the attention
Or the surprise conversation
I see now…
I was never part of your fo(u)r
Five/fifteen year/ ever* plan

Maybe you cut your losses
& you added to mine for

(and I’ll always say it was for the best)