a match

I think the curse | of my family
  is [avoidance], no different
       than an animal that believes
                        with its eyes closed
         it can’t be seen 》》

     [we’re all doing it for the same reason]
               either looking to survive
             or drowning in our vice enterprise
                         just a seconds-worth high
                                      for a continuous trial

                My fix is not fixable
                     serotonin and
                                dopamine levels
                         unregulated and
               I’d like not to be a match for you
             but/ I’m afraid I’m already struck
                           &  now we’re all fucked


Forget Me Not

The elegant woman on my forearm
A tattoo I will never regret

The empress of permanence
& mystery_____silhouette
A grayscale smile that’ll never fade
even if I grew up never

seeing her face/(or knowing her name)

yet there’s something entrancing
about an ancestor’s connection
how to: fathom what cannot be broken?

I bonded myself to a ghost unspoken
Thieving her eye color from the ocean



Authors Note: In 1944 my great grandmother was hospitalized with tuberculosis, and died. My grandfather was too young to remember the color of her eyes, only her long jet black hair.