When the moon is ripe
    I wonder what it may be like
           to kiss you|suddenly|softly.
       The moment is slow___
             yet contests my racing heart
                     & I know therein lies fantasy

   I wonder at my own desires,
          bespelled by ancient oaths
                   We’re bound so
          [I know you’ll keep them]

                   There are melted passions
                       strewn across my tongue
                         wet and pliable  [for you]
              If I wanted to play God I could not
                     though my wish would be not
                              for power but time travel
                                           & distance span

                 Madness simultaneously
                                    consumes &
                                   reveals all
                         lit like luminol
                  Let’s batter down these walls
                                   &   if we couldn’t
                let’s make love before × them