The Bends

A chatter box skips
between grainy static blips
  And I am  slow  to   lower
                       the volume
                       this liquid staircase

     I descend an icy shade
     a world encompassing
                 my mind state
             visions like decisions made
                           in haste, by fate
                                       in rage
      There’s an unknown king
                       from a far-away land
           stowing love letters I don’t read in my carbon
              black/ aquablue neoprene                                                                               pocket &
                   while you may fumble over
           accidental  drivel                                     &          
           my mindless

[searching for that lost gold]

   I dive low, just so, to
                            avoid your aim
                    please don’t follow, spare
                                   my hyperbaric

You may look too hard

faint underwater

& I guarantee
                     you’ll drown