face reveal

Death and fate once made a fatal marriage
       I think the moon is leering over me
                I’m aware there’s power here
                            & I keep it on a tight

                            I have to:
       because when you read the room
       you run             my fucking world

                            I recognize power now
               as my most compelling demon
                  & hypothesize 
                             how/when you met
                                       when it’s silent



Take never—forever
          for my speed limit simulator
               knows the scenic route
                 & t[his lead foot
        believes this
                       is a race,
                  thinks death is a form
                              of traffic police

          I’m due for all kinds of
                        emission tests …
                            By the by/

                        in my tire-fire dreams
          I’m huffing carbon dioxide streams
                                  escaping my captors at last



a new lease on life

I’m on a backlog somewhere
  reserving breakable tombstones
      for howling children
        that I don’t know,
           & have no discipline
     [there’s gotta be somewhere
       anywhere|else            to go]

                    where it’s silent as the snow
                      I wasn’t this violent
                                            before, you know
                I wasn’t this heartless
                          in an instant
                          & now. . .

I’m gone.


wake up call

& when s0briety
    smacks you

this is your long awaited welcome
    a poison kiss
       do you feel
           again / irrelevant ?

  next time the drugs will
        whisper in your ear


| × will you bare your throat

for the truth?

[it’s bitter]


unintended consequences

Don’t stop don’t stop
  I know you’re around the

Don’t stop don’t stop
  I know you’re around the bend
  & I know you’re cashing back
     -to this antique world
      where you don’t have to buckle up
       you don’t have to fit in
There is really no requirement at all
  I only have one friend to bring along
   & she walks by my side
        wherever I go, so
    you see? We both hate
                            to appease
                        this futile shabby state
  we swoop in like storm clouds
         in/over crowds
              we darken pretty canvases
        with blood, we, mavericks, all

    I make no apologies
       we shall have our relief
         through ferocity through subtlety
             through the intensity we bring
        like dynamite to someone’s door
           or a little simple radiation
              glowing off the skin
          Don’t stop





Ariel was part piranha
     that’s what Disney didn’t tell you
         about Prince Eric’s
               happy ending
              it also doesn’t describe
       nor identify who lies under the sea
              where there’s a skeleton
                    just that there was a Melody
                I’ve made my peace



I used to be made of glass
  easily shattered &
  easily spread
           like margarine
           or an unloaded magazine
    tragedy glistening
      off my lower lip

   I won’t tell you it’s really blood
   I won’t tell you it’s not mine

   Merry Mental Illness, my love!
                       Ooh, Christmas
                        Christmas. ..


the last war.

Humanity has ended
  I guess that’s what you wanted
  I guess your job is done,
  The longed sought
                                               for             task
           is done, and you can breathe again

           standing in the ruins I have to say
               I hate you for this_____

        dwelling in the nightmare ending
        screaming this is no thanks to you
        This is all of our fault.
        These burnt atrophied corpses lay
                      in perfect lines for what?

the resistance

A retaliatory slant
  stinging in your blood
   keeping your mouth

  you hear warnings before
      you find sleep & rest does
                                   not come simply
       there’s only you and us is
            never    lost to afterthought
              souls bind and dancers fail
            to keep up with the music ringing
                  [ in the background ]
                       start wishing you
                                          had a ticket to
                                                  the show

              we’re all actors on stage
                 but when the curtain falls
                     the mask comes off

           the subtle hatred that there was
               ever a need for one persists


opossum without eyes

I don’t want to get bit
  so I stay on the fence
  this headache splits me
               [in threes]
           lead poisoning
        from all your bullets
             more holes than
         Swiss cheese
     more scars unseen

[it’s worse than demon possession]