The Fool

There isn’t a damn thing I would rather
    do than make a fool of you&
     force you alone this Thanksgiving,
                         oh Mother,
             spare me your cruelty
   Just.                  This.                     Once.

Fourteen hours straight
         with you & your poodle I’d like
                            to hang
         maybe Daisy knows
   that’s why she flashes $5000

                at me

I refuse to play this game
              we will never be the same
                 I’d rather exit
                                 stage right
            just in time

   Death and taxes
       are the only promises
                in life



The world would be a fairytale
   in a children’s book
Had the 《miracles》 been bigger
         Outlined in glowing light
   Like video games drawing attention
           But miracles are by and by now?
                      For sale
          is the best we can do,
                            half off /your soul/

                   I’m having a little crisis
               with myself tonight ^
    I think I’ve beaten myself to the last
           letter—–> of my name then
           something else happens &
           then another thing happens &
        though I wish life was sex and drugs
            abandonment cues and bus trips
     instead of chaos & intermittent silence
                       There’s no excuse for it

             I feel like those times
                  are long past
         Yet here I am still waving goodbye
                 on the R.R.M.S. emotional Titanic
                & still floating on the ship
           knowing what will happen to it
    though my organs are paying topdollar