Then there was One

I grind my teeth in my sleep
& halfheartedly say it must be stress
I don’t know that yet… maybe I’m
too tightly “wired” & something
flipped the Switch
I am a blackened bulb st(r)uck on

I am the ghost that reappears unaged
from the day you last saw me alive
My eyes coast over; misty goldgray glass
held up to a warm icy blue
& it’s like I never saw you
How much I like to play “pretend”!

the fuck
have all of my “friends”
[gone] to?




(Author’s Note: Peering through a hindsight glass can make old faces appear in color like a kaleidoscope.)

Sea Glass

And as the rugged color
Of falling leaves dribbled
from your fingers

I inhaled slowly, minding a burning tip
Knowing as time speeds by Your embers
will be snuffed by rising white
and lakes of ice

These raw mountains hold you captive
& gazing on them I am reminded why
Nature was always your beautiful,
patient mistress

And she’ll raise her glass with you
In my unnoticed absence

“Keep these pieces for me,” she’ll whisper,
“Your trophies from the sea.”

Her kiss
was unforgettable.