no need for ID

I guess the Grim Reaper has fans too,
  I know I’m one.
     I die of embarrassment
       every time I show my face in public:

           there’s never a simple response
                to the question for all my quivering

       I appear like a beaten dog
         @5AM & no one knows why
              though I smile and shake and fumble
                                                   my cash
         because money is what really matters


nine one one.

This took forever to write
      I’ve got this nervous sensation
                   It’s driving me nuts
    It’s leering in the corner of every room

          breathing down my neck
                 pushing against my spine
         you couldn’t tell me any different

    It’s all about to go wrong any second
in spectacular fashion


the body bag on route 27

Sleep alone: you require the comfort of dreams, not me, in fact I think you’ll be just fine without/

      What good is lost
             without a map to civilization
      what is human but pavement
          where a brain can scatter like
              open jars of silky marbles all across
                the barely lit highway

         organs dry-abandoned alongside the carcass
               & in the milky eyes of the corpse
      Death reflects
                        its presence

                 for some, not soon enough


misery loves company

These pills squish down my throat and I cringe every time, twice a day for the rest of my life. I wish I could stay asleep a little longer next time. I’ll see you at 3AM sharp.

This white hoodie will accentuate the flush/red tinge of my skin & I keep sloughing it off for cerulean. Maybe it’s not as bad as it could’ve been or maybe I’m just lulled into derangement; I’ve forgotten what holding on is like.

I’m waiting for a tomorrow truly different from today. I am a ticking time bomb already an hour fast. My next steps are compromised. They’re already planned.

I’ve designed my means to their end.


simulacra & simulation

Neurotic spells cast
  from a castle abandoned|

the witch in the woods
                    has a pretty face
                        & the loneliest fate

    the whole town has gathered
               around now
                                      to stone her
        God on their tongue
               books neatly woven
                   with husks of death

    even the Programmer
            held their breath
      awaiting the next steps
          of non-playable characters
                     with souls




reading an eye chart in braille

I klep away with a pocketful of crushed bills and a dream ablaze in the distance; dressed diaphanous, lilting verse & reading Greek philosophy for scholarly misfits. I’ve long since forgotten what it time it is, you can tell from the mascara blotches. I need you to remind me. I’m half-hoping my words disappear into the ether; no one needs to know I was here, if I was half here, half –

Focus; a red/dot trained on the bones of my face & I swear someone pulled the trigger. You can call me Low, middle name satisfice. You’re always going to need a little more if I’m doing this right.

There’s sertraline in my bag I don’t want to commence. I’ve got a penchant for the assassin known as addiction, I believe we’ve always lived in love. I fell asleep curled up in skinny jeans and woke up on the wrong side permanently. Nice to know you saw me. Send me a happy ending. Pretty please?


a harpoon through the head

Nail me like Christ
          to your wall of shame
     spare me the flailing
           & submit to reason

    I am perilously unhappy
           here.        there.         and everywhere

      I have lurid dreams of you
           I am sickened to wake
                       I have feelings of the end
                       I am always hiding them

           Better to never release
                            and leave Pandora
                            to her business of 
                                         [dis] engagement

        I just need a moment
                          Don’t you dare let me go


highbeams under the bridge

ribs became my heart’s worst enemy
      the world held a tumultuous shade
           I cannot be without you for a second
               where you exist, eternity stretches
        & have you witnessed the length,
               oh my lord, it’s endless

     I damn near crashed my car
      into concrete without paying attention
          to the road
             there was a swarm, there,
        in my addled brain, noisily shaking
     I death gripped the steering wheel
     against the pavement

 [ as a rattlesnake stirred
                     to fix its unsettled/lightning eyes
                                on me ]


the wept woman

slow —> release
 silver choker of my own
  minus some jewels
   the serendipitous encounter
    I feel the chill
     [without your warmth]

       without my own

       I’m realizing my skeleton
                             is made of ice
            under your weight
            & my mind state

               its thawing
                I can’t think

                   I’m raw


Inspired by Architects – Animals

happy birthday.

I’m out of caffeine
  I just killed the last of it
   & buried it’s colorful corpse
                                      in the trash
          with the malt liquor cans
          & the glass
    I remember smoking layer cake
                            by the bay, the wind
                            caressed the palms
                    feather gentle
                    that was before I met you
  now that my white raven departed
        I harbor suspicion he sent you

            there’s a celebration to be had
                and when this is over,
                      we’ll find it together
                        dear warrior