unintended consequences

Don’t stop don’t stop
  I know you’re around the

Don’t stop don’t stop
  I know you’re around the bend
  & I know you’re cashing back
     -to this antique world
      where you don’t have to buckle up
       you don’t have to fit in
There is really no requirement at all
  I only have one friend to bring along
   & she walks by my side
        wherever I go, so
    you see? We both hate
                            to appease
                        this futile shabby state
  we swoop in like storm clouds
         in/over crowds
              we darken pretty canvases
        with blood, we, mavericks, all

    I make no apologies
       we shall have our relief
         through ferocity through subtlety
             through the intensity we bring
        like dynamite to someone’s door
           or a little simple radiation
              glowing off the skin
          Don’t stop




the last war.

Humanity has ended
  I guess that’s what you wanted
  I guess your job is done,
  The longed sought
                                               for             task
           is done, and you can breathe again

           standing in the ruins I have to say
               I hate you for this_____

        dwelling in the nightmare ending
        screaming this is no thanks to you
        This is all of our fault.
        These burnt atrophied corpses lay
                      in perfect lines for what?

play dead

thrust in front
of an audience
  like a bloodlet
          one-trick ____

        the chunk of moonstone
           in my fist is shadowed
     by too many missed eclipses
              & as soon as I’m through
                             with appearances
                       and obligation
             I mean to say
        whenever the fuck it is
I can breathe and sleep again
              without ________
      I knew I wouldn’t be [the same]
         I didn’t know this would happen
   I should’ve known this would happen
      I should’ve known



Eyes open wide
        I’m genuinely surprised
    when any negative space
 in my mind there’s
    a nightmarish face
    leering forward/
    glaringly clear
    infinitely horrid

    but I’m prepared for the jump



display case

I won d e r
    if I’ll ever get the chance
    [again] and if it’ll ever be safe
    to hang up my shield
I’ve fought many wars on my own
 so| I thought I was always prepared
                                for the worst
                              Turns out
                  I didn’t have an idea of
                                [what that was]

there are dating ads on the radio
            that I couldn’t care less about
            I’d take a pill over a personal


little corpses

I have no bearings
           | gods can take this
            indecent morning
            back |
  what gift
            is listlessness
       what stronghold

        I assure you,
        nightmarish invaders
                it all

        little corpses
                crafted from tar
                            & driftwood

        maybe it is that we might
        be here one day and not the next
                      experiencing moments
                             like tiny hateful bells

       I’ll toast to the crows


shallow breaths

I glimpse these hues
 dark umber, taupe and ash
       shadows on my photograph
      whisk across your face
      people say, mine does not age
       but.         [I am always changing]

         I have to be at the airport
            in two hours



Dark umber, taupe and ash
       shadows on my photograph
      splash across your face
      people say, mine does not age
       but.         [I am always changing]

         I have to be at the airport
            in two hours
                        & mediocrity




I’m starting to believe
          the light-green luna
       moth I saw might’ve been
                a pretty glitch
             in this buttoned-up matrix

                    a        flashy sign…

      Who knows, who knows
                I’ve got a thousand things
                            in mind &
           Yes, dear, you’ve got the evidence:
                  [It’s been a hell of a week]

            I swear I’ve ripped my skin
                                            to shreds
                   |feels like an old pastime
                        has arrived for a few

                              I never got a memo
                       then again I never checked
                            the fucked up schedule

        & now I’m on the hunt
                               again》for    you


Good Mourning

We are two tragic souls
           looking for sanctuary
        in each other, desperately,
     that’s how I know we’re both lonely

     & it is noteworthy, how the world
         fell around us like a curtain drawn,
        I’d be suspicious too.

          Sometimes the universe defies
          everything you thought you knew
          with something simple,
               Unknown, but familiar.
          I think inside we mourn because
     we’ve returned again, however many
    times we have over,
               just to reignite pain,
           disappointment and
                 in my case
          destructive tendencies

                         the rain is lightly tapping
                    and it shouldn’t be
                                     60 degrees
                                in November



Drawbacks & syntax
            maybe/     one-too-many
                      saccharine dreams
                    make-believe themes
               yet I stand at the ready
   for more/furthermore
                everything falls
                     against me

        How might I break myself into
                      a thousand shards
                      how do I conciliate
                                  the collective heart?
        Do I indefinitely throw my hands &
                                simply ignore the next
                                   bulletsmash even
                                 though I know
                                     in the end you
         missed           your beloved mark?

                        What’s gotten into you?
                       I barely recognize myself
                                        I barely
                                          just barely