caring for poltergeists like Tamagotchis

I am threaded
     wielding blades
       like [death to] a salesman

         sitting pretty in abstract misery
     gliding over keyboard keys
            as/if musically

              I am caged

                    breathing for ______
         sunbeams to break
                    through the overcast
                           sanguine as the demon
               against my back

                         whispering for nothing

            ghosts never see fit
                                   to haunt me


the definition of alien

I keep a Great Silence
     for the pejorative
     knowing intelligent life
      compounds outside
                 a human skeleton
                            scar tissue
                        & bone loss

              Many have existed before us
      & surely descendants will struggle hence
            root to tip change with the wind
                warped into future tense
      unknowing if we’ll see it

          I can say I am always
                     tempting fate
          knowing one day it’ll fuck me up

      what if this ARG is thicker
                    than we thought
           & multiverse is a pretty term
                 for thinning it out


a girl is disillusioned hailing cabs that don’t stop

The celebrations came and went
   without my attendance
     I didn’t even send a text message
       & I don’t regret it
       How was yesterday any different?

     Cute. It wasn’t.
        I was never the same person
          so if I’m astray you don’t need to
                                          pay attention
           I hope the next card you send
                     is “my condolences,”
   for our murdered connection.

Put down the knife.
           I may be the only one who sees it
                   but I am not crazy
                        simply suspended
                                      forever in
                            dis      |     belief


pondering soft revenge

I’m recalling memories
    that never existed
     replaying Cassandra
          on cassette

    all these Greek busts
       turn dead eyes to sadness
          relishing dark overtones
             like silk between
                my fingers

        God I hate this block
          I’m bleeding out


a lunatic macroscopic sex kitten

Because the thunder speaks
      when you’re asleep
    I’ve got new alarms to peruse
                 so excuse me

        I feel it in my fingertips
      your absence》
           corralled by black mirrors
                    put baby in the corner

                      [without a peep]
                   parked on Broken Blvd
              checking the street
                             for a pulse

d ro pl e ts of common nonsense
         lubricated my vocal cords
                    whenever they vibrate

       I reaffirm your faith
          I’m telling you: I’m this-close
                   behind the curtain
     & you’re never off the clock

            kicking your boots by the door entrapped to little urchins
                     that aren’t mine / scraping @
             the       floor     upstairs

             side  | eyeing my cellphone
                         like creeping magma
                  red hot just in case
              I leave it on the porch




hydroplaning on blood

I am not well surveilled; I didn’t know voyeurs binge watch too but if you have to ask who’s invited, read the room. There’s only us. For now.

Privacy and secrecy are dwindling, simultaneously we’re all losing it, there are eyes on every angle of this masque & so I say if it’s not moment by moment it ain’t appropriate. There are stanzas and cameras and the gentle lilt of a gentleman swooning me swallow-tailed, best better and brighter. It’s easier, I have to remind myself, with time. I’m positive these fruits have ripened. I’m hydroplaning on blood into some sort of afterthought.

Speaking of, you know when my mind gets away from me like this I recoil. Unsure every time debating the convenience of cruise control. Dropping the hammer on dishonesty and apologizing for how thin the air is when every city should be screaming. Break silence, fan flames, debate God, commence war on the protocol. Peace was never a state of the world. We’re going nowhere fast.


counting bodies like sheep

Where is my mind?
  way out in your cerebral waters
    & I love to deep dive

Even knowing I’d drown its
                knowing what is left
                   is innumerable

    & I love you
       I’ve meant it every time I’ve said it


bored at 4AM

It really is the darkest of mindsets
   near before the sun rises
         & I promise    I am not tired
                 only bored at four
     somehow the color of night
       is never devoid of any

   Cynical as I am
      I’m always looking forward
         to the dawn
     Whereupon we meet again


tell me I’m wrong I dare you

I am searching for stars
   surrounded by concrete
     bricks & bricks of
     low key   degradation

   Watching you pretending to sip tea
  chattering phosphorus
      so much you make me believe
               this matters

           & it matters
             because you don’t understand
       what I do moment to moment
        and silently I gotta say I’m in love

             I tell you with no confusion
            & maybe you’re losing it
      but while I’m here
              you’ll always have a safety net

    I promise you that


never fade.

At the end of it all
    I hate my humanity
       & its easy failings
           I hate the concept
             of perfection

       & what it stands for
            admiring from a distance
             everything and more
               when it comes to you