can you come outside and play?

There is such a stall in the moments befor3 I hit post I’d swear it’s not a part of realityTM it feels too deja vu
    people tend to like when I can go on and on and on like their favorite song until the CD skips and they have to investigate
         & my intention isn’t to take advantage
of your hospitality I’m just a free spirit in a global prison system don’t be mad @ me for pointing out my inmate number
             You’d think it’d be my birth date but really it’s confidential I bet you know yours I bet its tattooed on your brain
           I can’t help if you’re a walking psychology report
        [ ssn: XXX-XXX-XXXX
               your mind filled in the blanks ]
        For me every X is either a void
                             or they left
       I don’t like making this too personal but I have nowhere to put the pain
           maybe the fact is
              I want you to see

                 call me the exhibitionist
                              then call me a doctor



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