you have one new message 📩

Yeah you know someone must’ve fucked up my code I’m programmed a little strangely I’ve got Twitter but I don’t tweet I don’t know how to advertise anything especially me except for things you don’t need and it’s heartbreaking because I know the spotlight I want is the bulb too bright to burn I’ve got too much ambition for my own good it’s bigger than the solar system like a galaxy no one cared to name & seldom have seen it repeatedly

          so maybe my use is in my ability to be a muse your right hand man your number two

                don’t you understand your words are worth more than gold even if you don’t mean to be honest

        I like it when you whisper

                        into my prayer box

           the Programmer thrives on love


8 thoughts on “you have one new message 📩

  1. This reads like a powerful storm. It goes from a little self-loathing to something hopeful. I like the idea of being someone’s muse. It’s better than tweeting stuff or advertising yourself, methinks. Great write.

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