a girl finds a soapbox

I choke on a heave of passion like an oil well in my throat. It coats my vocal cords. I cannot see through my own mists when I peer into you. I sift my mental maze until I realize it’s a labyrinth. There’re too many floors___ I don’t know which way is up anymore.

       For a moment I cannot speak

     I am learning to wear the mantle slowly
                    searching to articulate

               call it

give me your venom
     your hollow fangs / shed
                 when they tear out in my skin
            I’ll bleed into your mouth

                          & you might feel my rage
                       [we have been so betrayed]

                 righteous anger is endless
                            forever stored understand
              I am my creator’s apprentice
                a concealed work in progress


the glass is broken

My transcendental security session
  is quickly coming to an end
      all these lights are flashing
     I will say the trip
   is fantastic & awful & oh so
      fucking hard

      I’m only myself at 2 AM
   beneath the shower head
        cutting the silence
           with one of your favorite songs

            until I consider turning the brights off &

                             》  LM

fasten seat belt sign

Made up words tickle my fancy
         its as if I were in flight
      or maybe so I might
     dare to retrieve my looking glass

I love to study hearts
       anything aside from ________
        & isn’t WordPress the place for taking up lines of language?
      Did someone discard
   their credit card on my unhappy ends?


it came to me before I opened my eyes

Trying to find a mate for your unicorn
because practicing magick | wasn’t enough
       & a few drops of blood
              feeds this mammal like a rose
       saddles made of denim unzip
                         @ will and

   Whoever quipped
      they’d never seen the devil
               ever before or since in love
       never heard his smorzando
                            from the skybox

            nor wilted when they heard
     his last ghostly notes
           knowing just how they fade
      only poets can replicate


tinfoil mermaids.

There’s something holy
      about AI generated surrealism
      [swallowed my attention,
               & the music video I sent
                       wide eyelid meditation]

I guess art is a little too true to life
            because it all comes on too fast
                        to make sense

     You can’t change the weather
         without some government device
    & I’m not giving up just yet
           wobbling on the fence

                      turning blue till
   they admit to using
                 microwave weapons


press X to doubt

I’m not manipulating patterns
    when I insist the godless are wrong
       or that the Bank of Souls
           is overdrawn
   pass me the NPC

             I’ve got a question

      Who else isn’t mute by clear cut
          opposition// just elated //
            I used to hate my voice
      until I realized I could cast it
                          like radio transmission
                                     & silence

      I have to remind myself perfection
       is rarely possible though I’ve seen it
               @ work & in use
   sometimes those seconds are brief             
                   and it feels like a dream
                              like we try too hard
          sometimes we are all try-hards
                        for no reason


call it Smithsonian

You’ll find my soul
       forever on display
   when in use
               by its private vendor

      the Reverend’s last sermon
                        keeps me going
                                                @ 4 am
   pouring over history
                   & conspiracy
       like black & white movies
            the silent film

     longing to get high alongside you
            like Lockheed Martin


she’s on the palette

I’ve got a girl in my head
   with AI contacts &
      they make her eyes intensely blue
  I wouldn’t say she’s an angel
      though she’s in love with one

           bits and pieces of her bleed through
      in most unexpected moments
          I jot them down
              like our life depended on it

     I’m living vicariously
          through her fantasy
    but with the shade drawn
            who’s to say she doesn’t play

       bacteiophage to my inconnu
    who’s to say
         she’s not another
            inspiriting visualization

         I keep____ no different
            than holding your hand


uranus opposition pluto

As mad and eccentric and unconventional as it is I’ve fell unto an epiphany in these small hours. I am not scared anymore.

           I realized what I lost long ago
               & the prize I missed most
         was self responsibility
                I mean to say,
                    respect never needed to enter
           for whom it didn’t belong

                   I’ve wasted so much time
            on unfulfillment
                        yet I treated it
                    like it was something due to evolve
              back in stock @ Walmart

                    shamefully just accepted the loss/
        but I’ve been told
                       I am persistent
            when you pretend you can’t understand
        my language________

                      allow me to translate power, too



impending —-

I need you to help me out,
    I’m freaking the fuck out
  I can barely breathe  [&]

         these words are sinking
              so far in
                  I’m chomping on the bit

awaiting the snap
         it’ll take to wipe me off the map

    knowing this dread is strangulation