a lunatic macroscopic sex kitten

Because the thunder speaks
      when you’re asleep
    I’ve got new alarms to peruse
                 so excuse me

        I feel it in my fingertips
      your absence》
           corralled by black mirrors
                    put baby in the corner

                      [without a peep]
                   parked on Broken Blvd
              checking the street
                             for a pulse

d ro pl e ts of common nonsense
         lubricated my vocal cords
                    whenever they vibrate

       I reaffirm your faith
          I’m telling you: I’m this-close
                   behind the curtain
     & you’re never off the clock

            kicking your boots by the door entrapped to little urchins
                     that aren’t mine / scraping @
             the       floor     upstairs

             side  | eyeing my cellphone
                         like creeping magma
                  red hot just in case
              I leave it on the porch




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