hydroplaning on blood

I am not well surveilled; I didn’t know voyeurs binge watch too but if you have to ask who’s invited, read the room. There’s only us. For now.

Privacy and secrecy are dwindling, simultaneously we’re all losing it, there are eyes on every angle of this masque & so I say if it’s not moment by moment it ain’t appropriate. There are stanzas and cameras and the gentle lilt of a gentleman swooning me swallow-tailed, best better and brighter. It’s easier, I have to remind myself, with time. I’m positive these fruits have ripened. I’m hydroplaning on blood into some sort of afterthought.

Speaking of, you know when my mind gets away from me like this I recoil. Unsure every time debating the convenience of cruise control. Dropping the hammer on dishonesty and apologizing for how thin the air is when every city should be screaming. Break silence, fan flames, debate God, commence war on the protocol. Peace was never a state of the world. We’re going nowhere fast.


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