a comedian falls asleep on stage

Would you introduce me
     as the love of your life?
        Or couldn’t you,
      I’m afraid to even ask.

     As I look on,
        the spotlight fades &
            In my eyes and all around me,
        the words fall pale.


voice confrontation

I grieve in bursts. I’m the worst and I think you wouldn’t be proud of me lately. Too much liquor. It’s sinful. The only window in the basement is @ the top of the door & I think I hear you knocking with the birds.

I’m alone by default. Default by choice. I will not conceptualize my mind state any other way than to this. You’re reading my mind. Send back your voucher for one free superpower. You’ve earned it. An angel warned me there might be more than one God in the multiverse. I tried to take it in stride but polytheism makes me nervous. How do you please everyone at once?

BTW I’ve|||| just stopped trying.


a note between galactic bones

glowing shards of raw emotion
     gather indefinitely here,
  in stores among willowed souls,
          & shades like fresh wounds

       [hide your blades
             the ones along
                  the spine]

         I am greedy for energy
              positivity like candy
                  to a hungry baby
          who’s only got the eye
                    for sweets

               & in the lowlights
                  I read the plain text
                     nuzzled right between
                            your palms & gouged
                         on my crystal ball



imposter syndrome.

you’ve made fools of us both,
         & now we stare upon each other
               in perfect symmetry
       ‘the same,’ but disturbed
                  to the point we’re inhuman

            I cannot help but blame you


drawing the curtain in confession with a handgun

I know I’m not by myself when I’m writing to you. Almost in a sense, a desperate set of epithets hooked onto your name which breathed slowly I can just imagine your response.

I read a review recently from someone who claimed they always hated poetry. I’m of the belief they’d never read it. Not a word from you or I that was honest or villainous or parked in the hours between rigor mortis and placid flaccidity.  We could bounce off of those two walls for eons. I think the last time I left a little skull.

The human experience is fucking treacherous; so what if we’re all not happy to be here until we find each other? If [if] if we find each other. My last little flicker of optimism says that’s not out of the question.

So why does it already feel too late?



Actively seeking to remain unseen
     like a creeping rootstalk
         outstretched in both directions
         I’d rather be in arms/
                 than your arms

       where do I fall currently/
                  somewhere between
        peppermint and precious owl orchids
                        shivering in the air
                    unable to shake the fantasy
                               @ four-twenty


(no title)

there hasn’t been such a thing
   as silence as of late
   &  there is no such thing
       as peace/in my head/

  [I wish I was]
       not here, anyhow

             I can barely describe
        save moment to moment
                  how I feel
             all I can say for now
        it’s suffocating enough


a girl worships an ancient god

All at once I am consumed
   by your warm summer darkness,
        a breath of air to the strangled.
     In a moment you’re palpable

   Aware my sprint is always directed
                  to your skyward end,
       feathers torrential pouring a
                cascade like lava and I realize

       every passing day how dominant
                    & pertinent you are
       the nervous grateful supposition
           you’d willingly hand me the reins
                                 knowing full well
                           I’d not abuse the gift

        accepting my worship

holus bolus


pearly whites

Pause ⏸

We’re all in tune with
     the bewitching room
   A live chat
      twixt wily nomads
         crooning the same honesty
           atrocity as you

     this is poetry to me
       & a love affair in full view
            with and for you
       Isn’t it magical
         I could go/all/night

        You’re my fuel you’re my ecstasy
           I read the way you use your language & discover
                    intensity like nothing ever seen
        & fuck imagining

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