lilith in the 3rd house

In & out of consciousness awaiting the big sleep, so I can truly rest in peace | FOR ONCE. The alarm switches on deaf ears since someday soon this will all be gone. I’ve known but I am so far from prepared, sipping mini tragedies in the aftermath of solidarity sucking on a femoral artery & smirking to myself because I am endless in my search for ‘my people’.

Here’s another crime of passion over something I said again like in my spare time I’m hunting hinting asking for it as if I’m working against myself against my better judgment but nobody told me my judgment was ordinary. Can you hear me? I’m talking too loud on purpose does the sound of being right itch your fucking eardrums? It polished my wardrums.

I’ve spent so long trying to maintain my innocence it’s making me guilty & I believe if I could set you free/ I would untether myself next and we’d look at our options while we have the chance

& seize the opportunity sooner than a heartbeat.



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