poised in Arkham waiting for Lovecraft

I’m afraid I’ve fallen in line
      & marched single file
      [I’m so grateful
                no one hears
                       my mind/because
           if they could they might silence it
                               ahead of its time]

       Telekinesis isn’t really
                               worth it,
     Anyway… quiet shy flippant
                           fuck-it rebel
                 wearing your routines
                         like aviators &
                               mismatching your socks
              on purpose Hoping
                     someone glugs a single word


               Even a Stepford wife
        knew there was something wrong
                    when everything was perfect
                                   without flaws
                    [  re-creating the laws
                    of physics
                              admiring my loss
                                      of gravity
          shooting for stars
                                                  fall.  ]

           Dreaming in black&white&neon
                       waiting for the sun
                            I don’t feel like I’ve slept
             focus on that later
                  drink your ice water
                        in the outskirts of Winter
                         and   release


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