swallow hard.

My life has been infused with a great many romances. I should be used to the feeling; I never am. Every time is a clean slate but this one is particularly polished. In it I see my reflection, to be honest. How is it you pull the _______ from my soul and I no longer flay it? I’ve spent my life hating it. Swearing it off. It all seems designated. Fucking love tribunal. First lecture: what it means to be legendary. I guess you’re my teacher.

I never want your eyes to harden. I never want your smile to turn to steel. Now that I’ve seen the result the court holds you’re less venomous when you’re left concealed. We’re both sides of the same coin. Take a flip & measure it. I want to hear the sly in your voice: the sheer lack of surprise. I can only bait the obsession.

All in good time.


One thought on “swallow hard.

  1. Loved the paradox of this as well as yearning for the lover to remain loving. When I was young, I was in and out of love all the time. It still happens may be I love the thrill and adventure of falling in love… guess it’s less to do with the lover 🤪🤪🤪

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