inattentional blindness

Diamonds fall as rain from the sky on Saturn & scientists hung fire after they whispered Neptune is next. They were proven correct. A storm is born with your name over and over again and I’ve suddenly decided I like these rogue synapses, these bolts from your blue. They never fail to reveal something new.

Lifetimes – on lifetimes – glide by and history is only ever decided by the victor. Good thing I bet on you. My God I love your purr. It’s a big yellow GO AHEAD sign… and I feel inflated like helium, floating the same, up.    up.    Up&

You taught angels to dive when you dropped head first and fearless. They should all learn your lesson. Humanity sees everything fifteen seconds in the past. I’m no longer believing this deja vu is delusional and not irrefutable. I may be a lovedrunk fool but we were meant for this as it’s playing & all signs point to the same — GO AHEAD. Like a gyroscope you’ll always remain upright.

Call me inattentionally blind when I promise all there ever is to see is you.



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