this is Rome

Where are all the gods
  where are the liberators
      staring up & it’s staring back
        emotionless fucking fervor
  like the sky is pacified
       I need your arms
       I won’t lie [but]
       |tongue tied you are

     my favorite masochist
     we’re a faint dynamic
     of equal bodies & equal hearts
     rivalling experience like a video game
     counting trophies

    a hundred thousand
 |   paralleled. |

     I would ask where were you
     but I know I did that already
     I know I did that
     Constantly and
     I’m not keeping track or looking
     back behind me tallying bodies yet
     old songs recite in my head
     recite| sing
     sing well


6 thoughts on “this is Rome

      1. That’s ever so kind of you! 🙂 If there’s anything that resonated with you from the latest chapter, you know I always look forward to your insightful feedback ❤

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