direct strike

there’s a book on the coffee table
    I barely read more than the title
    but it seemed so interesting
                            [praised by Stephen King
              caught my eye// at the time ]
       by default my mind is riddled with you
             now that we’ve been reintroduced
                leave behind your fingerprints
                        like burn marks &
                        for once I adore the scars
                      I’ve been struck
                                by           lightning

  There was definitely a reason|
        unapologetically you give of yourself
          & I am withheld
               on reserve
               by request
       I’d love to meet
              despite the weather,
            January has gave birth to legend
                      before, so tells the narrative
        & I am best-served cold
                   like cash, revenge & peppermint
              suddenly the reunion
                       deepened like darkness
                                  we’re here again
                     drying like cement
                       I can’t let go


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