I used to be made of glass
  easily shattered &
  easily spread
           like margarine
           or an unloaded magazine
    tragedy glistening
      off my lower lip

   I won’t tell you it’s really blood
   I won’t tell you it’s not mine

   Merry Mental Illness, my love!
                       Ooh, Christmas
                        Christmas. ..


first law of motion

covered in birdsong
  a human element of peace
    whistling permanent as tattoos glance
                                                    your flesh
& you are a living testament
                          to all mans’ suffering
    as I am to its underlying change

   living thinking and breathing
   another way than future dictates
      it is a |narrow| hall
        encapsulated in empty space

   We can go in any direction
       but I can’t help but beg
         we go forward


the last war.

Humanity has ended
  I guess that’s what you wanted
  I guess your job is done,
  The longed sought
                                               for             task
           is done, and you can breathe again

           standing in the ruins I have to say
               I hate you for this_____

        dwelling in the nightmare ending
        screaming this is no thanks to you
        This is all of our fault.
        These burnt atrophied corpses lay
                      in perfect lines for what?


Sparkles on the evening tide
           [[   the   lone           aficionado  ]]
    the souls you must’ve left
                                to ripen show
                                     & slowly grow
        ahead of their time
          left wistfully bashfully asking

            somewhere in deep there’s a
    thorn of a tooth uprooted in my vein
           somewhere slow the plankton glow
                  efflorescent in every wave



Everyone in existence
     has little secrets
     The only thing they ask
       is for you to keep them

A dark cloud puffs out and up
      into the surrounding sky and I
     collapse my palm
     blow it to the side
         & bat a reaffirming eye

      it’s safe with me/

        and  so are you,
             if / should you stay


sacred objectivity

grasping for ringed planets
                        consumed in        |_____
                      aurora      borealis  lights|
    the irrationality of losing something
                         I have not ever attained
                      feels indubitably strange
      to me, your existence is a wonder
                    deserving of a lifetime or

Eras may come and go in reverence
                              & in deference to you


echo’s last

you know,
when the cave exploded
I was hoping
      you weren’t
               part of the heap
       I prayed… you’d survive
            if only to hear the roar
                 of all your fanbase
                   dusting off the concrete

     there was hope for us yet
  perhaps you saw flaws
                         alight in your display
     & you were right if you did
      but [I can’t help the way I feel]
  I view your trials like a Greek myth
       a solemn warning, perhaps,
                     from gods everyone was
       so sure existed
                    《   then later discovered didn’t


mission impossible

I was never an expert
                       at self — expression
        so I beg your pardon
          [  in advance ]
  I tend to think you wouldn’t
           have stumbled upon me
         if you were|

 》       but maybe we could help ourselves
                           out/maybe if you thought
                                       you could if you
                                thought  it was worth it

                   maybe baby


the resistance

A retaliatory slant
  stinging in your blood
   keeping your mouth

  you hear warnings before
      you find sleep & rest does
                                   not come simply
       there’s only you and us is
            never    lost to afterthought
              souls bind and dancers fail
            to keep up with the music ringing
                  [ in the background ]
                       start wishing you
                                          had a ticket to
                                                  the show

              we’re all actors on stage
                 but when the curtain falls
                     the mask comes off

           the subtle hatred that there was
               ever a need for one persists