liplocked prophet

a maze of contradictions
      perhaps more than average
      perhaps just what the doctor ordered
           or so it was recorded
   in the beginning there was only a single
                       & no one dared
   [think] it was the flicker
               of a BIC lighter
      they waxed the myth
                  of what there is
              with what isn’t/no matter
         how absurd| they took the Word
       for how it was written
          you can almost hear  the system
                                                   [as it is now]
                   》 closing in《

           polishing the lacquer you become
           unwillingly enamored as if you’d
               just paid a manicurist to fix
            infinitesimal chips in your paint
                     maybe it’s done &
                         sealed like a

or maybe you’re not sure anymore
                  & that’s where I come in


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