the knots in my hair are
  indicative of the one in my chest
  I keep getting snared
I plead where do I draw the line
    how do I convince myself
    to keep on | keeping on when
    there’s so little incentive
                  much littler time
                  I blink/it flies
    & yes there needs to be some,
               just to change my mind/
                    I’ve suffered enough/
    if you don’t agree, you’re in line
   with my maker, what luck!
they must not agree with me either
         start counting my blessings
                                                          for me
the first being I’m alive
         the living are selfish
         maybe one eye blind
         I’m just fine with that assessment
         I blink___________


One thought on “blink

  1. Haunting and deeply powerful depiction of grief and the different phases of depression. This really resonated with me – beautifully written! ❤


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