|\|cyclical motion

the internal damage
    was fatal
      yet I learned
         &     carried on
                    [as carrion]
  from abject failure

disguised as another repeat
    disguised as …   …
   a white flag waving
        without ever intending
  the   surrender


One thought on “|\|cyclical motion

  1. This resonate very deeply with me…
    I have failed so many times before, and YET AGAIN, all the bells of defeat are relentlessly ringing in my ears, so with my left hand I wave the white flag, but I carry on walking, and from my right hand, I carry on shooting…
    This time defeat will be nothing short of death… There will be no surrender.
    I’ve got no idea if this was your intent when you wrote this, but that’s the way echoes in me…😜
    by the way, “carried on [as carrion] from abject failure…” Genius line!!!!
    Thanks for that Lauren, you made my day.🙏
    Have a good one.😃


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