Reap What You Sow

Truth is
     I meant every word
     because I’m cursed
     because the present
     is an ongoing nightmare
     and I know
     it’s only going to get worse
     from here so I’ll jump these
     randomly placed hurdles
     just for you

    without you
    there is nothing
    there is no identity
    there is
    [whatever that means]
          I wish I could hand you a brochure
       because    this world tour is looking
 & I know I have the ticket to leave the ride
                                   at any time
                                  but I’m
                                 not ready
                     to stare death in the eye –

& it’s not like you didn’t tell me goodbye
                     & I should’ve wondered more
                                  at the time
                                  about the timing
                but life’s a prick in the same way
                         I’m a horrendous mess and
                              menace so
                       check to see|the hollows
                           in my eyes may just be
                                      [pupils] instead


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