deer in headlights

she bares her flesh to me
             glowing sungold under the moon
    [So]  I can’t quite call her
                   a marble statue
  some such sight I’m sure you’d glimpse
                              in the Louvre
             & fall quite passionately
                yearning to touch, to fold
                           fingers against her spine
                     in real time

                  But then
                       unwittingly I freeze…
                 rebel against my every thought
                    my tongue netted with desire
                                  & saliva & I think
                        I have just met
                                    a goddess of lust
                       because I am struck
                          Struck silent
                          when she comes to life
             places her hand on my chest and
      purrs so lovingly
    I just wanna feel your heartbeat


13 thoughts on “deer in headlights

      1. Ok, so hear me out as you’ve asked me now yourself 😉…I see this sensual goddess dressed in moonlight shining her golden aura as I look at her from the other side…she’s just not sensual but also divine…the power & presence of her is magical…she’s just there but very far away…I’m simply gazing at her…awestruck in silence while my eyes shine…ready to die in the light of her divine…this was what I saw on my screen when I reread your lines 💫

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