Potoo Bird’s Call

Life is easy when you’re carefree
                      that childhood innocence
                            is l o s t
                            on me
Save; I will say I am not unique
               like all children I thought I knew
                        Dad warned me not to grow
                           Up too fast but
                                   [I never had a choice
                                                             in that]

                                 I am not a poor-me-one
  I write my sadness sweet as licorice but
                                    you don’t owe me one
                  in fact you’ve already given me
                                 the priceless trinket of
                                             [expulsion| or
                                         a kind of exorcism]

                           Reading me can be brutal

I know
I swear
I know


[Authors Note: xxxxxxxXXXXXxxxxxx]

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