Trigger (wo)man

One shot one kill
                [& you missed
                        your moment

          What kind of assassin
                           falls in love?
                    Minding unruly fate is always
                            One |    ^  step above

Dreaming redemptive
     living without incentive
         glossing too high a price
                          on gut/splitting spirits
                            &             wine
              the “pain chiller”,
           perhaps it may be mine
              Then again   it’s not my dime

              Then again/



The reality is I’m quicker to bleed
  your darkness than your love,
    & I consider it a dying
                                [dead] /habit

                           Like the righteous sense
                                       behind bloodletting
                               A    failure
          best intentioned, I’m certain
             《worked wonders for
                       |||Those shadows can cloak
                              your pale hip in the night
                                with the paintbrush of a
                                    sharp crescent moon

   and whoever lays beside you can
            leave me room. . .
                ruminations of chaos
           call an agent of catharsis
                we all underestimate
                            & demean our baser
                       selves/ its purpose and its
                                uses, but: if nothing else

Fight or flight would
     pack up its things,
     Prepare the front gate
               for soul eviction
gleefully submit to death

              Makes the higher self look
                         pretty fucking dumb
                          Doesn’t it?

                          Not that
                          I don’t
                          Virgin blood


[Authors Note: October has arrived, and all its ghouls with it]