Breathe Deep

I always like to send a message
            by trial and error
               by fire and shatter
                  gunshot silenced
                                 & brain pierced

I don’t give a fuck what you think
                                                  [of me]
             but I do give a fuck what you think

                         Do you remember when I
                                 told you to hold the line
                            Do you remember how I
                                 said to hold fast?

There may have never been time for that
                  & certainty shows
                              in simplicity
                   [s]words like death
                          life, love, pain, poor,
                                 rich, hate, decay
                                      Freedom carries
                                            responsibility we
                                  instinctively know/ but
                                      if we’re not used to it
                              did we ever really own it?

               Maybe this is why we are all here
                                        to wave the past on

                           We’re making more sense
                                          every day of

        T h e           L o   n   g           C  o  n


unknown aristocrat

stumbling stumbling over/
                    words cannot communicate
                    my awe in the aesthetic
                                                     of You
       wound golden rings and stoic refine
                like a reluctance to show
                         what’s hidden
             for the show has been harshly

                        I aim to reignite
                              the sun in your hollow
            sit amongst magnificent banquets
                     and you/ with lucullan                                         diamonds

                    I ache for your plight
                humming tiers in the nightfall
                        ruminating past lives
                             where I might have
        slid fingertips under your fabric
                               and wildered away

                                                Content at last



Maybe it’s just a matter of
                       human nature
          but I want to scream
                            my revelation
              courage is fighting
                              for a way

       & if this is the only way I know how
                           if this is the only way
                 I know words carry weight &
                     though they can be torched
                     they’re immortal

                       Maybe these silver plumes
                                 are all I can spare you
                                                    [on offer]
       like summoning the spirit of Cassandra
                            like you,
                        I yearn to change the world 
             & Your reality fuels my tank
                       & I would never spite that gift
                 I would never
                    Betray|Capture/hold it hostage

  Instead call me riotous
                I think there’s always civil unrest
                                    where there’s silence
                 So here lies my promise
              Exhume the corpse of your sadness

             This world feels on a regular basis
                  I will thread the needle through
                    Take my hand ___ we leap
                     Just hold the line with me
                           Hold the line


cloak and dagger

Halloween c re eps__________
             in shows of anatomy
             like something is laughing
                                  winged satire
                                       with the reminder
                                     a looming promise
                                        of death]

              immortal as spirit may come
                I cannot say I fear the moment
                    day and hour unknown
                       just love me as if I was never

           the sprinkle of obscure snowflakes
                   will always become me


Your absence
        is poison
        yet your voice
            keeps me lucid

A ketamine regime
        you lead
    & it’s bearing your brand
      \sweeping swept
                       this mess

& in this pile of dust
I will wait for your manifestation
         consecrating nothing
                 I will wait____
           《patience is a virtue》
for your ebony keyquill memory
      I hold my last breath
         for a show of treachery



Self preservation is second nature
                   & survival/first priority
                   & my aggression useful
                                 though wild Abandon
                              arrives standard
                        sometimes even late
           Where I haunt, men tremble
       I cannot see why they might [aim]
                                                       to pull
                                   |the trigger/but|
                            they must act, as I do

      There is a loneliness in this world,
                 so great
___ I cannot deny it
                                      [loathe to have it]
                        Where oracles call,
                                    I must be led
                                           to my revival
                        the carrion in my teeth
             is naught but remains of enemies
                      when I explore, the world__
                      Know: I rarely eat alone



Petrified bones and a driftwood key
          honey-amber vessel on hand
                             lead me away, sage,
          row us into the stars
      where epiphanies are sugar sweet
          torturous for the pain in my teeth
 / silken synchronization

      As if beyond the Blackwall
       as if thrashing against the gates
                             of Tartarus
                   my memory is gone, &
                now remains bits and pieces
                             but the severance is taut
              I need to know
                               |access denied|
             All I received were
                        firefly larvae by the seer
                               whose ambroxan scent
                            could hardly be identified

                             They’re all I need,
                            soft their whisper, [isn’t
                            that what you want
                           》》  to relight
                        》》  the way*?

                  Reuniting with paradise
                     seems farfetched at times
                  appears blissfully easy but
                 much like wishful thinking
                           it’s not fair
                          it’s not fair



every night is wasted
                         without you
  pointless drives/I need reminders to drive
   this  fist struck from another car’s
               passenger side window
                 flee unnoticed
               with the speed of my heartbeat
              a waxing moon unrealized
      I always sense I am not alone
                  and I know the sensation well
                        There are plans
                  and then stopwatch fails –
          disappointment wears me
                            like a worn out fashion
             There’s a stiffness in my right arm
                              every time I fall asleep
                              if I sleep
                             [maybe next week]
             》》until then I race reality
                                to a known stop line
                          checking traffic for cops
                                     the “hidden” kind
           I’ll lose my mind for a second
                                              of your time
              there’s no need to rob me blind

   steal away/eyes open/any day

             ——->         accelerate ×