Maybe it’s just a matter of
                       human nature
          but I want to scream
                            my revelation
              courage is fighting
                              for a way

       & if this is the only way I know how
                           if this is the only way
                 I know words carry weight &
                     though they can be torched
                     they’re immortal

                       Maybe these silver plumes
                                 are all I can spare you
                                                    [on offer]
       like summoning the spirit of Cassandra
                            like you,
                        I yearn to change the world 
             & Your reality fuels my tank
                       & I would never spite that gift
                 I would never
                    Betray|Capture/hold it hostage

  Instead call me riotous
                I think there’s always civil unrest
                                    where there’s silence
                 So here lies my promise
              Exhume the corpse of your sadness

             This world feels on a regular basis
                  I will thread the needle through
                    Take my hand ___ we leap
                     Just hold the line with me
                           Hold the line


14 thoughts on “Battlefield

  1. Insightful and layered…👏👏👏👌👌👌👌

    My prognosis :
    a. The inner voice wants to break-free and reveal the revelations; suppressed emotion, hidden trues, prompt observations etc.
    b. Wants to send a message “Quiet is not peace!”
    c. The revelations may be hurtful for both the sender and the receiver, but it’s essential for “the truth to have it’s day”.
    d. The reference to “Cassandra” is interesting.
    “Cassandra” was blessed by Apollo by the gift of foretelling the true future, on the condition that she would submit to Apollo (whatever his just or unjust motives!!). But after receiving the gift she went back on her word and Apollo cursed her (as he was not able to revoke the gift), that no one would believe her, even though she is revealing the true future.
    It’s the same there, because of our own undoing or just cruel rotten fate or unjust corrupt system, our revelations would fall on unbelieving and deaf ears.
    f. Despite everything, the protagonist is a “Rebel with a cause”. Time to yell like Tarzan and swing to freedom. 🙂

    Reminds me of this song from Rockstar (2011, Hindi), a must watch and epic music by the legendary A.R Rahman

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    1. Your prognosis astounds and thrills me in its clarity. All bullet points hit the target!

      I do see the correlation, too, between the song and what I’ve written. Thank you for the introduction!

      And of course, for your time in making such a thoughtful comment. 💕

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  2. // Instead call me riotous
    I think there’s always civil unrest
    where there’s silence//
    You are so masterful, so so masterful, precise. There is such a beautiful cutting cadence in your works. And you do not fucking flinch. It gives me life. ♥️🕊

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