Many Few

warm embers in the oven     chamber
    perhaps that’s just where I remain
       when my ghost says see you,

     & I can’t describe the amount of times
                                                  I’ve felt alone
                        reaching for purpose
                        straining fingers for home
                  knuckles crack and
                  as a matter of fact
                  everything else follows suit

     I didn’t think I belonged
                         so it lost its matter
                         until my mind leapt over
        & now every wind in every direction tastes
         like freedom

             & I want to extend my hand
                  however small the gesture
                        there isn’t a day that passes
                            without you in some form


7 thoughts on “Many Few

  1. Super massive black hole poetry indeed!
    Your writing is always a surprise, I think I am getting it and then bam! Something genius.
    I love it.
    Love, Ann❤

    Liked by 1 person

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