You crept in through the side
       just like I imagined,
       just as I’d instructed
       when I received word overnight
      you were here, suddenly here, & static ran all over my body
            but I numbed it out
            because it was the truth.

I wasn’t picturing ahead of time
                       what you’d wore
and I don’t think you were expecting me, in turn.
     Everything was so fast and loose//
& I couldn’t stop either of us
                   even if I wanted to.       
                   Madness has a wicked draw.
It sucks you in like the Cheshire grin like the smirk on your face reflecting the one on mine, as tongues and lips and erogenous zones razed with heat. There are no lights but an icy blue, green and gold, the stars in mine amplify & we strip our expectations and leave them to the black hole spiraling on the floor.


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