No Formats

I step not back
             refuse to retreat
        & defy all manner
                     of shamed defeat
study [my demeanor] with lightless eyes
Know: I do not apologize
         and own a gratituitous amount
       of bemusement, myself
                  Truly I would never wish
                          to be someone else but
During the night I do ponder
  of the workings of clocks…
    & the possibility pieces
                     of time machines
   Which piece means what thing?
        Is that what I hear chiming?
            If I tell you that this is not real
         This world is a mastercrafted
                          well play-acted stage
                 & we are all connected
       Would you believe me?
Or crestfall from a neon building?
                   Would all your beaches
                                    have gently sparkling
                             ink black sand?
             Would we find a piece of you
                          buried there?
                     Would you find me/would you
                               Meet me____ there?
                         LOADING.. .. ..


3 thoughts on “No Formats

  1. Powerful self-confidence boost in those opening lines:
    ‘ I
    refuse to retreat
    & defy all manner
    of shamed defeat’
    Great shift to wistful longing towards the end, Lauren! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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