a myriad of dreams
so vivid
and entirely alive
one wakes with supposition

burdensome questioning to the meaning
                          interrogation  featherlight

I scrub my skin raw
just to get your scent off

&burrow inside what I imagine
life may be without




I caught you before the break of dawn
clinging to the concrete
in torrents of Aegean blue

I _
whispered desperate oaths
through frosted lips [but]
missed my mark to
an unhinged entrance

Pills to quiet the mood
Upright to glimpse the view

Lit voodoo candle wicks
bordering the river Styx
& the icy blue sheen on your skin

Mine is hot & flushed and alive
I’m waiting for you all the time
To admit where I stand
To say we are a pixel dream

Technicolor incubus screaming


No Safe Zone

& doctors appointments
keeping time with the sun
measuring its…subtle movement
the fearless way it shines

Nevermind the vacillation
I hold my hopes up and
you would be so quick
to stomp them in
           [it must be
                a defense

how’s that long
power move
working out?

because frankly
it’s been killing me

but you knew that///

So where’s the safe zone?
Charter me in____《LM》

Nerve Conduction

The arrival the palpitation the upset
The lack of medication the panic the accomplishment
The proposition the mindset the acknowledgement &
The color the smell the palpable
The taste the ruddy the salvageable
The cavity the cave the darkness
The return the favor the artform
The description the knowledge the glee
The feint

the silence

Where the hell was I going with this?