I caught you before the break of dawn
clinging to the concrete
in torrents of Aegean blue

I _
whispered desperate oaths
through frosted lips [but]
missed my mark to
an unhinged entrance

Pills to quiet the mood
Upright to glimpse the view

Lit voodoo candle wicks
bordering the river Styx
& the icy blue sheen on your skin

Mine is hot & flushed and alive
I’m waiting for you all the time
To admit where I stand
To say we are a pixel dream

Technicolor incubus screaming


12 thoughts on “Incubus

      1. It’s always lovely reading new work from you πŸ™‚ if there’s anything in particular you’ve enjoyed about my newer story series, I’d love to hear what draws you in on each chapter! ❀

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