2 AM on the Dot

Nightmares trickle down the
Thinnest lines from each
Nostril and they’re bombshell red

Moments before/ a stoic man plunged
his termination sign into the snow

[paying no mind to the bumbling creek


I met a man in a coffee shop, I don’t drink
the lot, but the tip I leave is nice and sweet

You have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen

Our conversation was short lived
because I tend to
              bodge it
Refute it of all logic

You claim to know what I’m hiding
& it’s quite intriguing
You claim to know what I refuse to see

My wily subconscious mind
Are you also my enemy?

you must be_
Waking at 2 AM on the dot
Just to show a death plot, vividly


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