No Rest for the…

Insomnia/decrepit feeble
Can somebody please
put me out of my misery
please (put me to sleep)

My mind,
I wonder of its lately damage
I wonder if the scars have managed
To grow

It keeps me awake, you know

It keeps
My eyes


9 thoughts on “No Rest for the…

  1. Insomnia is awful i suffered from it for years until i retrained my brain to shut up and let me sleep lol it took years but I finally got enough sleep for me to function fairly well, i wish you well my lovely blog friend

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  2. I keep telling folks there is plenty of time to sleep after you die. Or that it is a bad habit that can be overcome.

    Chronic insomniac myself. I tell myself such things to make myself feel better. Laughter helps.


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  3. So hard to fight. I recently discovered an audio book and listening with eyes closed worked a bit for me. I got a few goodhrs where I wouldn’t have gotten any


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