Within quickly crumbling ruins
gravel and bricks glimpsing
a massive liquid flame
gorging on what’s left of the city

No one knows how close
All they see is smoke
Somehow, the fear dissipates
Striking against the atrocity

It’s not human nature to accept death
& when you see the sun blot out
you lose yourself to the stone

Immortality may not mean
What you think it means
Love and fear encapsulated
Withstanding the test of time


9 thoughts on “Pompeii

  1. You need to write a book. Your words like the Dorian Gray story. He outlived his drive to taste everything. I like the poetry that make you think. These words do, Outstanding poetry dear poet.

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      1. I liked the Dorian Gray story. The great writer Oscar Wilde “The picture of Dorian Gray.” Did deep into the human skin and mind. Can be a scary place. You can write short stories too. My favorite book Jack London book “When God laugh”. Many short stories with great meaning. Don’t need a book to make someone ponder and think.

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