Blood Eagle

Lungs pulsate and quiver
with each last wide   open   breath
I feel life fading through
every exposed vein

And so I hang
Hang like the fool
Ribs as fingers splayed
[Beseeching too late



At Ease

I always say I love you, too,
and never say “goodbye“,
whenever I’m on the phone
hanging up the call
with whoever I’m talking to.

Even if the declaration is not said
because I barely know the stranger
on the other end,
there the words are,
tattooed on the back of my tongue.

Patient soldiers standing at attention,
prepared for the command, at ease.



Tempo and furor
A sweeping waltz across
Dark floors with hidden pitfalls

I miss the pitfalls

& cascade like Alice
wrapped in the colors
of cheap alcohol cans

Sweet to drink but hard to swallow
I am in danger for my carelessness &

There’s always something left to say
There’s always some other quiet

& my admission is clear:
“What wouldn’t I have given
To have tired of you”:

Yet I fear that will never occur

● LM


I am deathly afraid of the ocean
& no, I cannot swim
Maybe that was Dad’s fault
for just tossing

He did teach me something that day
Even the closest to you
Can overestimate
Your ability to float